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Welcome to Odense – Fairy Tale Capital of Denmark Hans Christian Andersen
Odense is Hans Christian Andersen’s hometown, and this is evident everywhere in town. We have Hans Christian Andersen museums, lots of fairy tale inspired sculptures and a sightseeing route marked with footprints to guide you through our city. All summer, you can experience – for free – the Hans Christian Andersen Parade perform in Eventyrhaven (The Fairy Tale Garden) – or you can sail with Odense Åfart and experience “Fairy Tales on the River”.
For families with children, we recommend a visit to the Children’...
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THE WADDEN SEA CENTRE - Gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage

World heritage is something that is so valuable that it must be passed to the next generations. Something to be cherished and well-cared-for so that posterity can experience it, and because the world heritage is vital to mankind and our understanding of the world. The Wadden Sea in Denmark was appointed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2014, and today the Wadden Sea in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark is world heritage all together. In the whole world, there are 200 natural sites appointed World Heritage Sites. In the village of Vester Vedsted, southwest of Denmark's oldest town Ribe,...
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Finally time for vacation! Northfunen – The top of Funen, known for lots of experiences and unique nature with wonderful beaches, is the place where you can’t help putting your phone away, relax your shoulders and simply enjoy the idyllic summertime of Funen with your loved ones. This unique corner of Denmark offers many exciting experiences like The Wild West that awaits you at Ditlevsdal Bison Farm where 400 of the impressive American animals welcomes you. Here you will definitely feel the cowboy atmosphere that fills the farm from “prairie”, shop and café to the exciting playground with...
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Welcome to Rømø-Tønder

Tønder Municipality has something to offer for everyone. If you wish to spend a holiday close to the beach and the sea, Rømø is the perfect place to visit. The wide and kilometre-long sandy beaches of the island offer a myriad of possibilities. Here you can bathe, enjoy the sun, go for long walks and relax in the dunes. But you can also be active and try a ride on a blokart or a kite buggy – wind sport activities that can only be enjoyed in very few places around the world. On the island of Rømø, it is possible to join an oyster safari or one of the many other guided nature experiences; you...
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Sansefestival – Food Festival: 12th of August, the city of Struer is turned into the largest food festival in the north-western Jutland, which each year attracts over 10,000 visitors. Grab a bite of northern Europe’s larder and give your taste buds a unique experience. More information at Run to the Beat: The running event “Run to the Beat” was voted best experience in Denmark in 2015. Now the running event is back on Saturday, September 2, 2017, and the running event will be even bigger. The route is founded on the music, and this will be the focus point for both the...
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Sailing on the Limfjord The summer season offers plenty of sailing opportunities. In the high season from Tuesday to Friday, the Limfjord Bus sails between the island of Mors and Fur. On Wednesdays and Fridays, you have the opportunity to sail further to the island of Livø. Among other exciting boat trips, there are “Seal Safari to Blinderøn”, “Around Mors by Sea”, “Beer tasting Tour”, “Tapas & Wine Tour”, “Sunset Tour”, “Biology at Sea” and the high-speed “RIB BOAT” adventure. Book your trip and find more experiences at
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Since the Stone Age, Vesthimmerland has been known as an area with plenty to offer. You will find forests with diverse animal life, good farmland, and easy access to the fjord and to fish and mussels in abundance. To this day, the same values still attract people to Vesthimmerland. The varied landscape and the nature offer opportunities for active holiday experiences. You can go mountain biking in Uhrehøj, windsurfing and kitesurfing on Limfjorden or go canoeing/kayaking on the lake in Vilsted or the Lerkenfeld and Simested streams. You can also enjoy the child-friendly blue flag beaches in...
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Welcome to the Skive Region

- Experiences for all senses! Visit the old castle, Spøttrup Middelalderborg, which is Denmark’s best-preserved medieval castle and take part in the many activities for the whole family. On the island of Fur, the geologists of the museum arrange fossil hunts. With a little luck, it will be you who finds a new exciting fossil to supplement the collection of 55 million years old fossil insects, birds, fish and plants collected from the moler (mo-clay) layers on Fur. The farm Jenle is a museum and literary centre dedicated to the memory of the Danish poet and novelist Jeppe Aakjær, who lived and...
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Ringsted – the Centre of Possibilities

Come to Ringsted and be tempted by shopping, music and a living history. Here are experiences and activities for big and small regardless whether you are here for several days or just a stopover for a couple of hours. Shopping
Ringsted Outlet by Exit 36 is Denmark’s only real outlet village. Here you find a large number of shops with well-known Danish and international brands selling the original make with a minimum of 30-70 % discount. In case you get hungry, you find McDonald’s and The Burger. Free parking. Skjoldenæsholm Tram Museum
Take a ride with both Danish and foreign...
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Fanø - The North Sea and the Wadden Sea

Fanø is the island by the North Sea. Here, you can experience the joys of a beach holiday as well as the very special atmosphere found on an island reachable only by ship. The ferry trip between Esbjerg and Fanø takes only 12 min., and during the summer, there are more than 50 daily departures. It is easy and quick. Still, the distinctive Fanø mood is right there. Your pulse slows: it is time for pleasurable pursuits. Fanø has more than 15 km of uninterrupted sandy beach: the northern part with its perfect beach and seaside life. Further towards the south, there’s the activity area, with...
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Great experiences and the best memories in life are best created in surroundings with space to live! The Juelsminde peninsula welcomes you to a universe of experiences that offers something for everyone’s taste - all year round.
Here you can always splurge on love of life. No matter if you prefer cycling, sailing, hotel, camping or summer holiday; there is room for you in one of Denmark's most beautiful areas.
You can hike, bike, sail, fish, swim, play golf or just relax and enjoy the sun on some of Denmark’s most beautiful beaches. Go on a shopping spree in the many specialty shops...
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The treacherous North Sea – about undertow and rip currents

You will take care of the things you know – is a saying used among nature interpreters. What is meant is that we should be considerate to nature by not being litterlouts or vandals. But by the North Sea the saying could be turned into “How can we take care of ourselves in the nature?” Unfortunately, there are drowning accidents along the coast of the North Sea every year, and some of these accidents might be avoided if we gain knowledge of the currents along the coast. In this article you can read about two ‘dangerous’ coastal currents – the undertow and the rip currents. Undertow – Water...
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Visit Lolland-Falster

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