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Hjejlen is undoubtedly Silkeborg's greatest icon. Since 1861, the old coal-fired paddle steamer has sailed on the Silkeborg lakes. And continues to do so. But Hjejleselskabet offers much more than sailing with Hjejlen.

Once you have tried to sail from Silkeborg to Himmelbjerget, it becomes clear that you can’t visit Silkeborg without going on the boat trip. There is nowhere else in the whole wide world you can sail with the world's oldest paddle steamer. However, the sail can also be aboard one of Hjejleselskabet’s other boats. Besides Hjejlen, Hjejleselskabet owns a string of historic ships, including Ternen (1896), Turisten (1903), Hejren (1909), Falken (1909), Tranen (1931) and Rylen (1948). In 1996, Mågen was included as the latest ship in the fleet. Mågen is distinguished by being disabled friendly with disabled toilet and a lift for wheelchairs.

Boat tours on the Silkeborg lakes are quite unique. From the harbour in the centre of Silkeborg, the sail goes through Remstrup stream, where exquisite villas have gardens down to the river, the beautiful scenery in and around Lake Brassø, and perhaps further through Sejs Snævring, where there are more beautiful villas, to Lake Borresø and finally Lake Julsø where Himmelbjerget appears with the beautiful heather-covered hills and tower. If you like, there are plenty of opportunities to get off the boat at one of the piers and eat lunch or drink coffee at one of the restaurants located at the lakes.

Hjejleselskabet also sail from Ry to Himmelbjerget through the incredibly beautiful scenery at Alling stream and via Laven to Himmelbjerget. It is usually Turisten from 1903 sailing this route. A unique trip where it is possible to see the very beautiful and rare kingfisher, if you have your eyes open - and are lucky.

The tone aboard the boats are with “a twinkle in the eye” and not least influenced by captains who have sailed far larger ships, but now having a good time with their stint on the Hjejlen boats. The mixture of the experienced captains and the young ticket operators creates a special atmosphere that helps to make a boat trip with the Hjejlen boats an unforgettable experience.

"To sail is to live", they say, and there are plenty of opportunities, both from Silkeborg and Ry. There are classic day trips to Himmelbjerget, which are 1-hour nonstop sailings from Silkeborg, and there are evening sailings from both Silkeborg and Ry. Furthermore, there is a wide range of event races with everything from races with good Danish food to tasting of rum or port wine. Hjejleselskabet is always ready to sail at and arrange different excursions, meetings, conferences, anniversaries, weddings, or celebrations.

See more about the tours and the boats on www.hjejlen.com.

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