Fanø - The North Sea and the Wadden Sea

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Fanø is the island by the North Sea. Here, you can experience the joys of a beach holiday as well as the very special atmosphere found on an island reachable only by ship.

The ferry trip between Esbjerg and Fanø takes only 12 min., and during the summer, there are more than 50 daily departures. It is easy and quick. Still, the distinctive Fanø mood is right there. Your pulse slows: it is time for pleasurable pursuits.

Fanø has more than 15 km of uninterrupted sandy beach: the northern part with its perfect beach and seaside life. Further towards the south, there’s the activity area, with surfing, beach sailing and kite flying. Beach sailing is also for the novice: it takes only five min. to learn. At the farthest southern part, when the tide is low, you can wander 1½ km on the seabed and out to the seal bank, where hundreds of seals laze about in the sun.

Fanø is part of the Wadden Sea National Park and has been admitted to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Fanø offers a unique and incomparable nature environment that can be experienced on your own or together with one of our nature guides: seals, birds, oysters and gorgeous landscapes.

Fanø has a maritime history that goes all the way back to the middle of the 1800th century. As a result, in the two coastal towns, Sønderho and Nordby, you will find beautiful old houses, delightful museums and a cultural tradition that is truly incomparable.

Well met on Fanø!