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Finally time for vacation!

Northfunen – The top of Funen, known for lots of experiences and unique nature with wonderful beaches, is the place where you can’t help putting your phone away, relax your shoulders and simply enjoy the idyllic summertime of Funen with your loved ones. This unique corner of Denmark offers many exciting experiences like The Wild West that awaits you at Ditlevsdal Bison Farm where 400 of the impressive American animals welcomes you. Here you will definitely feel the cowboy atmosphere that fills the farm from “prairie”, shop and café to the exciting playground with tepees, totem pole and bread twists over the campfire. You can also go for an exciting pirate boat trip and help the pirate find the treasure – you might even receive the prize as Pirate captain of the trip. Enebærodde is a perfect fishing spot. Here you can i.e. catch seatrout and cod. At Enebærodde you might also meet some of the charming bathing cows that live on the peninsula and like to hang out on the beach.

Around all of idyllic Northfunen with its hilly landscape and small twisted roads that take you through charming villages with roses in front of the small houses, you will find many small fruit stands that offer delicious fruit and vegetables. You will definitely also pass by some of the several farm shops that offer locally produced food. When you get tired and need a place to stay, you will find a lovely holiday home or some of Denmark’s best campsites waiting for you as well as many hotel and B&B hosts that can’t wait to welcome you at Northfunen.

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