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Since the Stone Age, Vesthimmerland has been known as an area with plenty to offer. You will find forests with diverse animal life, good farmland, and easy access to the fjord and to fish and mussels in abundance. To this day, the same values still attract people to Vesthimmerland. The varied landscape and the nature offer opportunities for active holiday experiences. You can go mountain biking in Uhrehøj, windsurfing and kitesurfing on Limfjorden or go canoeing/kayaking on the lake in Vilsted or the Lerkenfeld and Simested streams.

You can also enjoy the child-friendly blue flag beaches in Løgstør, Rønbjerg, Trend, Ertebølle and Hvalpsund. There are also several public indoor and outdoor swimming pools and family-friendly campsites with swimming pools.

For generations, Vesthimmerland has been the source of inspiration for local artists, craftsmen and writers. That is why you are able to visit several galleries and workshops in the area - all with unique characteristics. In the townscapes, you can also witness the local respect for culture. Visit the museum of the local Nobel-prizewinning author Johannes V. Jensen or his sister Thit Jensen in Farsø, or see the many sculptures and building designs by the world-renowned Per Kirkeby in Aars or the clam sculptures in Løgstør.

In Vesthimmerland, you can witness history up close. It was this area from where the ancient Cimbri tribe raided through Europe - shaking the foundation of the Roman Empire in several large-scale battles. The prehistoric life is visible through the many archaeological findings around Aars - ”The town of the Cimbri”, at the Stone Age Centre in Ertebølle or at Aggersborg on the northern shore of Limfjorden, just north of Løgstør. Aggersborg is the world's largest Viking fortress, a structure that in its prime housed approx. 5,000 Vikings.

Today, Aggersborg is an attractive sight for tourists who can experience a small exhibition about the life inside the Viking fortress 1-2,000 years ago.

A visit in Vesthimmerland offers exciting experiences in the very different towns of the area, each with their own unique charm. You will find a wide range of holiday experiences for both young and old. Play golf on world-class courses at Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort; enjoy bathing and family fun at Dayz Resorts in Rønbjerg, fjord and gourmet experiences in the mussel town of Løgstør and much, much more! Regardless of your preferences and interests, Vesthimmerland certainly has something to your liking.