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Visit Bunker Museum Hanstholm and experience the largest fortifications in Northern Europe from WWII.

During the Second World War the strongest fortification was constructed in Hanstholm as part of Hitler's "Atlantic Wall". At the end of the war it covered an area of 9 sq km and had a crew of more than 3,000 men. Visit the unique museum bunker which during the war held one of the giant 38 cm guns. The battery in Hanstholm together with a corresponding battery in Kristiansand was intended to cut off the approx. 120-km-wide channel to Skagerrak between Denmark and Norway for English ships. Experience the enormous museum bunker, where several of the rooms have been restored to their original state so that you can see how the soldiers lived.

Also many other interesting exhibitions in the bunker. By the bunker you will find a new and beautiful exhibition hall inaugurated by Queen Margrethe II in 2002. This building contains a fascinating exhibition on history and weapons of the Atlantic Wall.

In the café light lunches are served during summer. The museum bunker is surrounded by peaceful scenery where you may enjoy your picnic. Don't forget to take a trip through the battery area with the old ammunition train that runs through some of the big bunkers of the battery.

Opening hours: February 1st - October 31st: 10 - 16. June, July and August 10 - 17.
The old train runs every day during summer or by arrangement.

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Molevej 29
7730 Hanstholm
+45 9796 1736

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