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Crocodiles are some of the world’s most fascinating, fantastic and successful poikilothermic predators that ever lived on this planet. Crocodiles were already her 200 million years ago together with the dinosaurs.
The Crocodiles Zoo is unique because here, at close range, you can as something special experience the world’s second largest collection of crocodiles with 21 out of the world’s 23 crocodile species. So many species gathered under one roof are so far only surpassed by St. Augustine in Florida. It is, however, only a matter of time before The Crocodile Zoo has gathered all 23 species. The collection holds everything from the 1.5-metre-long pygmy caiman to Scandinavia’s largest Nile crocodile male “Samson”.

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Ovstrupvej 9
4863 Eskilstrup
+45 5445 4242

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