Daugbjerg Limestone Mines

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Daugbjerg Limestone Mines - The oldest limestone mine in Scandinavia

Discover the hiding place of the notorious robber Jens Langkniv (Longknife) in the limestone mine with 1 km of lit underground passages/galleries, 60 metres under the surface. The caves are the largest winter hibernation site for bats in Denmark and the bats are best seen in spring and autumn, when they are most active.  The temperature in the mine is a constant 8 degrees, so make sure to bring a pullover. The temperature is perfect for maturing the cave cheese, which is stored here.

Hot/cold drinks, snacks and local specialties are availed in the shop.

Contact information

Dybdalsvej 20, Daugbjerg
7850 Stoholm Jyl
+45 9754 8333

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