The Flax Weaving Museum - a working factory

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Museum of textiles, linen, weaving, punch card-operated machine looms.

At the Flax Weaving Museum, 100-year-old machine looms from the closed down Tommerup Weaving Factory are woven. Here, tablecloths, napkins, tea towels and much more are made according to the old patterns. Processing from flax plant to woven linen is also part of the exhibition as well as the history of weaving is told - illustrated by the large collection of looms from antiquity to computer control.

This year, Anne Marie Egemose and Erik Brandt exhibit a selection of 40 years of work with weaving, sculpture, graphics and photography. In the cafe there are changing exhibitions of handicrafts.We are always ready to give a tour of the museum, where there is also a rich museum shop with own and others' products and a café where lunch or coffee can be enjoyed.

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Nårupvej 30
5620 Glamsbjerg
+45 6472 2885

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