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A different zoo
Glad Zoo (Happy Zoo) offers experiences for the whole family. With 80 different animal species, we are a small animal park easy to navigate, with a sense of intimacy, and the feeling of getting close to the animals.

Does a gibbon snore?
The personal communication is part of the special profile of the zoo. We want to inspire others to respect and understand nature's diversity through our commitment. We try to inspire, for example when the zookeepers talk about and share their interesting knowledge about the animals.

In the high season, you can experience the free-flying birds of prey at close quarters in our beautiful bird show. Feel the rush when the eagle owl with a wingspan of 1.8 metres dives over the heads of the audience.

We have arranged the park with small paths, playgrounds, jumping pillows, and cosy corners, where you can enjoy the view of the lake or the surrounding landscape. Or you can challenge your senses in the beautiful butterfly garden, while the children get good experiences with the animals in our "petting zoo".

A different zoo
It is not just the intimacy and the personal communication that makes Happy Zoo something special. We also have a special social profile. Through our employment, we contribute to a more inclusive labour market. Glad Zoo is a company under the Glad Foundation, and we run the zoo with a staff of animal caretakers and assistants with and without disabilities. We believe that people with different conditions are an asset that can make our society richer, happier and more inspiring.

In addition to the primary schools in the local area, we have a close cooperation with Glad Fagskole (school), where Glad Zoo is part of the education of young people on special conditions. Happy Zoo contributes to the educations through internships and learning courses and with subsequent employment opportunities in the park or with partners.

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Gl. Møllevej 1A
6660 Lintrup
+45 3051 6699

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