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Experience the war 1864
In the History Centre Dybbøl Banke, you are going to dive into one bloody chapter in European history. Listen to the thunder of cannons, smell the gunpowder of muzzleloaders and take part in the soldiers’ everyday life in the camp. The museum’s director Bjørn Østergaard is pleased with the continuously rising number of visitors.

-   We are very successful with the re-enactment of the war 1864. Our visitors dive into an authentic setting where they can experience the same atmosphere and lifestyle as in the war 1864. Our visitors enjoy our approach to history, and today the History Centre is one of the most popular attractions in Southern Jutland.

Entertaining and informative
Bjørn Østergaard is looking forward to the upcoming season at the History Centre. This year, visitors can expect some new activities. Among others, they are invited to help solving the mysterious murder of the Danish soldier Hans Lorentzen. Hans was hit by a Danish bullet under a Prussian attack.

At the History Centre, we focus on offering both an enjoyable experience and historically correct information. With this combination, we seek to communicate a comprehensive image of the war 1864 as it represents an important chapter in the history of Denmark.

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