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This museum is among the biggest and most interesting maritime museums in Europe. Through the extensive collections the multiple facets of both merchant and naval shipping are substantiated. Here you will find a large collection of model ships which illustrate the development of vessels from sailing ship to present day. You will gain valuable information about the Danish Pilot age Authority, Lights and Buoys Service and Coastal Lifeboat Service, and the history of diving is represented by e.g. one of the first decompression tanks in the world.

The Danish Navy is illustrated by ship models, photos, uniforms and weapons like cannons, torpedoes and depth charges. Among the gems of the exhibition is a distinguished collection of battleships. The exhibition also contains one of the rare German manned torpedoes from World War II. Outdoors it is possible to enter the submarine SPRINGEREN and the torpedo boat SØBJØRNEN – which with its 60 knots once was the fastest in the world.

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Vestre Fjordvej 81
9000 Aalborg
+45 9811 7803

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