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At the Steno Museum children and adults can discover the cultural history of science and medicine. You can see scientific objects like the ones used by Tycho Brahe, or the ones used by modern researchers for experiments and cloning. In addition to the original scientific instruments and objects you will find models and hands-on exhibits where you can repeat Galileo's law of falling bodies or play with your own mirror image.

In the darkness of the planetarium there are media shows about galaxies, planets and other exciting astronomical phenomena. In the medical herb garden you can enjoy the sight and smell of more than 300 medicinal plants.

During school holidays there are special arrangements for children. The Museum is situated in the beautiful University Park in walking distance from downtown Århus. Affiliated to the Steno Museum is the Ole Rømer Observatory in Højbjerg where you can watch the firmament "live" through the impressive astronomical telescopes.

Contact information

C.F. Møllers Allé 1100
8000 Aarhus C
+45 8942 3975

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