VejleMuseerne (The Vejle Museums)

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Vejle Museums welcome you and your family to lots of unexpected and significant experiences in the Vejle River Valley and the town of Vejle. All free of charge.

Experience the best stories from Vejle at the interactive Cultural History Museum in Spinderihallerne, where you can dance in one of the old saloons, discover why Vejle was nicknamed Denmark’s Manchester, become an archaeologist in the eight-metre-long digging box and in the centre of the spiral of Iron Age stories, you can get close to Queen Gunhild, one of the best preserved bog bodies in Denmark.

You may also be confronted by contemporary themes at the Art Museum in Maria Park, where you can explore constructed realities, the selfie culture, war and abstractions. The Art Museum has an extensive collection of graphics and works on paper and, just like the Cultural History Museum, it offers new special exhibitions every year.

Vejle is surrounded by the most beautiful scenery, so do not miss out on a trip to the Iron Age Village in Vingsted where the paths between Iron Age houses, lake and fields meander through an indescribably beautiful landscape. Take a picnic and enjoy the Iron Age Village on your own or join one of our events that bring the village to life.

Vejle Museums is Vejle’s large museum organisation and comprises 10 large and small locations. Admission is free everywhere! There is ample opportunity to combine an excursion into nature with exploring the history of Denmark if you visit the Egtved Girl’s grave, the Viking Bridge at Ravning or Bindeballe Station.

We organise lots of artists’ visits, town walks, lectures, workshops, family activities etc. at reasonable prices.

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